About Our Vendors

At LEARKE we endeavor to find brands with meaning behind their products.

About Our Brands

We pride ourselves on taking time to find brands and products we love and fit with who we are as an indiviual as well as a business. Our brands are chosen with a purpose in mind. As a woman-owned business we try to support other women-owned businesses and minority-owned businesses. We look for products you won't find everywhere, especially at big box stores. What we stand for as an individual and business is inclusion and acceptance of all. LEARKE is a safe space to be you.

Brands that have meaning behind them or contribute to social good and causes are high on our list of wanted attributes. We carry a large variety of products and brands whom support causes such as:

Social justice, equality, women's rights, voting rights, minority rights, LGBTQ+ lives, the Black Lives Matter Movement, mental health, domestic violence and sexual abuse prevention, environmental preservation, education, and ending slavery and human trafficking.

Carrying brands with a cause allow us to do our part to support matters that are deeply important to us.