Meet Molly

Hi, everyone!

I'm so happy you're here and taking a minute to find out more about the face behind LEARKE.

Owning a small business has been a dream of mine as far back as I can remember. As a child, when asked the common question, 'what do you want to be when you grow up?', my answer was 'a boss'. I'm certain I didn't have a grasp on what I was saying but what it meant to me was being able to live a life all my own. Being at the mercy of others was something I couldn't handle. I'm fiercely independent and have always needed the ability to choose my own destiny.

My background is eclectic, just like me! I've worked as a waitress, for small businesses, for my family, for a doctor, for an animal hospital, and finally myself. I went to Moravian College a short commute from Easton, PA. I graduated with a degree in psychology and education. I had all intention of pursing a career in counseling psychology but in my junior year, at a tipping point, I found out I suffered from severe Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, as well as anxiety, depression, and ADD. This halted my plans. I didn't think I could be an effective counselor when I wasn't "okay" myself.

From there, I bounced around a while longer until I had my first son and stayed home. During this time, I feel into a depression. I journaled to keep my sanity and realized I wrote a book. My memoir is a look at my life through the eyes of anxiety and all the ups and downs having OCD has taken me on. I am passionate about mental health, not only because I suffer from anxiety disorders, because there is a stigma attached to it that needs to end. It took me years to be able to share my personal challenges but now I'm an open book, literally. I want everyone who walks through my door at LEARKE to know they are welcome and are in a safe and accepting place.

When I'm not at my shop, you can find me wrangling my two rowdy sons, two newfoundlands, one greater-swiss mountain dog, and an husband! This business allows me the life I have always wanted and the ability to spend my hours and days in happiness. For that, I am grateful to all my customers who allow me to bring joy, humor, meaning, and everything in between into their lives.


About Our Brands

We pride ourselves on taking time to find brands and products we love and fit with who we are as an indiviual as well as a business. Our brands are chosen with a purpose in mind. As a woman-owned business we try to support other women-owned businesses and minority-owned businesses. We look for products you won't find everywhere, especially at big box stores. What we stand for as an individual and business is inclusion and acceptance of all. LEARKE is a safe space to be you.

Brands that have meaning behind them or contribute to social good and causes are high on our list of wanted attributes. We carry a large variety of products and brands whom support causes such as:

Social justice, equality, women's rights, voting rights, minority rights, LGBTQ+ lives, the Black Lives Matter Movement, mental health, domestic violence and sexual abuse prevention, environmental preservation, education, and ending slavery and human trafficking.

Carrying brands with a cause allow us to do our part to support matters that are deeply important to us.