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Molly E. Godfrey

Hold On, Let Me Check

Hold On, Let Me Check

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Not a self-help book or book with constant medical jargon, Hold On, Let Me Check, will help you understand what life is like for someone with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). You will walk away enlightened whether you have first-hand knowledge of this disorder or other mental illnesses, are a sufferer, know someone who suffers, or a curious reader with a thirst for understanding. Written like narrative nonfiction, this book is easy to find yourself getting lost, laughing at the author’s self-effacing humor, or crying with empathy.

This raw, gritty, and vulnerable book is a must read. A depiction of a too often misunderstand mental illness that puts you in the shoes of the author and sufferer. Jaw dropping true stories. Inconceivable obsessions. Unfathomable honesty. This book is one everyone should read to better understand our anxiety-filled world.

By Molly Godfrey / LEARKE owner

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